As a phytotherapist, my goal is to work with you to treat your horse as naturally as possible.

Since I do not make any diagnoses, I do not have to be there for that.

You will give me the diagnosis made by the veterinarian, osteopath or farrier, and together with you I will prepare a comprehensive therapy plan for your horse.


I would be happy to provide you with individual products tailored to your horse.


The best therapy is of little use if it can not be implemented


That is why I always refer to your everyday life.


Individual herbal apparatum

On request, I will be able to tailor products tailored to your horse.

For this I exclusively use herbs and plants in pharmacy quality.

All products manufactured by me are free of fillers, stretchers and preservatives.

All products are fresh

Prepared for your horse.

Herba consiliium remota diagnostis

Detailed herbal and natural remedies consultation by e-mail with individual recipes. I would be glad to help you, your horse phytotherapeutic too to treat. To this I send you an analysis sheet to help me with your horse, His attitude, feeding, diagnoses and the current problems close. Together with you, I prepare a cure or therapy plan and Individual recipes tailored to your horse to treat your horse as naturally as possible

Important NOTE

Please note that consultations abroad are only bookable on request.

Please do not book advice about the shop